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Cleansing Your Upholstery and Furniture in Stockport, Cheshire

Increase the longevity of your furniture by calling upon our cleaners. At House Proud Cleaning Services, in Stockport, Cheshire, we provide a comprehensive upholstery and furniture cleaning service that will improve their appearance and increase their lifespan. The more care and attention given to your furniture, the longer it will last.

Upholstery Cleaning

Testing Your Fabrics

Before starting the cleaning process we always test the fabrics to identify which fibres we are working with, subject to gaining customer consent. This ensures that we successfully tailor the clean to achieve the best results. Through years of experience, we have gained an understanding of what can and can't be cleaned, and it is only when dealing with specialist pieces of foreign fabrics with unique dyes that we are unable to help. In the unlikely event that we do not believe that we will achieve a positive end result, we will not charge for our time.

A Thorough Clean

Once we have identified the fibres we are working with through the pre-test, we vacuum the upholstery with our high-filtration system before pre-spraying and agitating the materials. Stains are then identified and treated before the deep clean extraction takes place. To achieve our high-quality finish, we use a market-leading hot water extraction system that guarantees the finest end results.

Safety Is a Top Priority

The safety of our clients is of paramount importance, and we ensure that all of our carpet and upholstery cleaning is safe for all pets and people. We also provide extra treatments to help deal with allergies and conditions, such as dust mite removal to help asthma sufferers.

An Unparalleled Service

No cleaning company in the area is able to match the services we provide or our exceptionally high success rate. This is understood by our clients who regularly call upon our services when they require cleaning work.

Contact us now, in Stockport, Cheshire, to learn more about our upholstery and furniture cleaning.